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Mid-February 2014, Colorado Power Electronics successfully designed, tested and shipped a 100kV power supply. For its output, the unit is a surprisingly-small form factor. Utilizing ceramic capacitor/diode multipliers combined with a high-turn output inductor and toroidal capacitor, this unit is both impressive in performance and appearance. Control of this unit includes an easy-to-read LCD display combined with an embedded push-button keypad. Output voltage and current are monitored and displayed on a live graph on the display. Even the main contactor which shorts the output of the unit is custom-built and verified to function up to the maximum voltage.

Denver Business Journal – May 9, 2005 Colorado Power Electronics Inc. is a member of the team led by Aerojet, which on Monday announced it has won a $32.4 million contract from NASA. Aerojet, based in Sacramento, Calif., won a multiyear contract from NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate to design, build, test and deliver a 600kW Hall Thruster electric propulsion system to power cargo transport vehicles to the moon and Mars. Aerojet is a GenCorp. Inc. (NYSE: GY) company. Aerojet’s team includes Colorado Power Electronics Inc. of Fort Collins, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, and NASA Glenn Research Center. The new system will be a 30-fold increase in power and thrust from current systems, which are approximately 18kW.