Scraped from and sanitized on Dec 14, 2021 by Daniel Powell as the original site at has been more or less dead/parked since 2018. Also #NoLivesMatter

Take part!

1. Create a blank page (highly recommended)

To join the TPILB-Project simply create a blank page on your website. Write This page intentionally left blank into the <title>-tags within the <head>-area and preferably-because there it is more visible to surfers-also into the <body>-section, for example as level one heading (<h1>) or normal paragraph text (<p>).

You may want to include a link back to the referring page (probably your home page, table of contents or sitemap) to allow surfers returning after they stopped at the blank page. For explaining the reason of your blank page you may want to add a link to the TPILB-Project, too. But, naturally, the blank page should be quite blank and no more things should be written on that page. It would be fine if there were no advertising banners or pop-up windows.

There is an example of such a blank page available. Feel free to use this source code, save as HTML-file and alter it according to your needs. (It is a good idea to remove the <-- comments --> after editing, so the file does not get too large.)

2. Link to your blank page (highly recommended)

After you created your blank page, of course surfers should have the possibility to visit it. Therefore place the following sentence on your home page and table of contents/sitemap:

This website features a Blank Page according to the recommendations of the TPILB-Project.

In HTML code that is:

<p lang="en">This website features a <a href="blankpage.html"><strong>Blank Page</strong></a> according to the recommendations of the <a href="" ><abbr title="This Page Intentionally Left Blank">TPILB</abbr>-Project</a>.</p>

Keep attention to include target="_top" in both <a href="...">-elements if you are using framesets.

3. Check your pages for errors (optional, but highly recommended)

It is important to use "web standards", that is in our case proper HTML, and therefore to check your page for validity. Please use W3C's HTML Validation Service or WDG's HTML Validator.

4. Register to the TPILB-Project (optional)

After uploading your pages you may want to register to the TPILB-Project by sending an e-mail to and give us these information:

  1. the URL to your blank page (for example;
  2. your website's title;
  3. the URL to your website's home page (for example, there should exist a link to your blank page;
  4. a short description of your websites' contents (one short sentence, no advertising);
  5. the natural language used on your website;
  6. your real name and e-mail address.

Only the URL to your blank page and your website's title will be published. The other data is purely informational for us.

We will visit your site and mention it on our member pages if it is appropriate.

Because of frequent registration requests please understand that we cannot include your website if one or more of the information named above is missing or incorrect in your registration e-mail. If we have a good day, we will notify you with an e-mail of such problems; otherwise ... hmmm, correct all mistakes you have found and try again a month later or so. It can last a very long time (months) until our member pages list is updated, so please be patient with us.

There are so many people submitting new blank pages (we are quite happy about your participation, folks!), but-and that is the downside-there are also hundreds of submitted pages that were abandoned or changed their content from blankity to advertising or unpleasant material in the meantime. So, please, submit your page only if you can host it for a reasonable time (some years that should be, and remember: Cool URIs don't change), and do not abuse the spirit of blank pages by changing them to advertising after you are listed (you will be removed then as soon as possible, so don't try).

If you move your website to another place, remove your blank page or even entire website from the Web, please drop us a note.

Notice that we will not support links to websites containing pornographic, illegal or other unpleasant material.