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Why that?

In former times printed manuals had some blank pages, usually with the remark "this page intentionally left blank". In most cases there had been technical reasons for that. Today almost all blank pages disappeared and if some still exist here and there, they present flatterly comments like "for your notes" instead of the real truth: This page intentionally left blank!

Nowadays the "This Page Intentionally Left Blank"-Project (TPILB-Project) tries to introduce these blank pages to the Web again. One reason is to keep alive the remembrance of these famous historical blank pages. But it is the primary reason to offer internet wanderers a place of quietness and simplicity on the overcrowded World Wide Web-a blank page for relaxing the restless mind.

Perhaps you would like to take part in this project if you like our philosophy …

And please tell us your opinion.

News-July 2004

Currently we are developing a complete new website for this project, featuring more information, accessibility, usability, and-of course-blankity. The time we will release it, hundreds, if not thousands (!), of new member pages will be added to our list (thanks for your patience).

The work is heavily delayed because there are so many people submitting new blank pages (though we are quite happy about your participation, folks!), but-and that is the downside-there are also hundreds of submitted pages that were abandoned or changed their content from blankity to advertising or unpleasant material in the meantime. So, please, submit your page only if you can host it for a reasonable time (some years that should be, and remember: Cool URIs don't change), and do not abuse the spirit of blank pages by changing them to advertising after you are listed (you will be removed then as soon as possible, so don't try).

News-May 2005

We are still overwhelmed by submissions. But do not stop! We save every e-mail and every URI in a newly set up database, check those pages, and will publish them.